• Mark Judd

    Mark Judd

  • Dillon Kearns

    Dillon Kearns

    Elm Trainer and Elm Transition Expert. Introducing Elm to teams and their codebases, one small step at a time. Founder at http://incrementalelm.com

  • Birowsky


  • Lourens Rolograaf

    Lourens Rolograaf

    Rollerskating photographer of rollerskating dancers, most of the time that is

  • Liam Brown

    Liam Brown

    If it’s possible to have “too many interests”, that criticism might fit me. But I prefer the phrase “too little time for all of them” instead.

  • Amanda Li

    Amanda Li

  • Richard Marmorstein

    Richard Marmorstein

    An autonomous generalized problem-solving and entertainment system, implemented chiefly in deoxyribonucleic acid, featuring a robust natural language interface.

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